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Shining Force III Guide
Mithril Theory - by S Walch

"My Theory is simple. As soon as you walk into a smithy carefully watch his motions. you will notice that his arms swing back and forth. My Theory is that on a different arm swing he will make you a different Mithril weapon. An Arm swing is the motion from front to back, and vice versa"

"Add 3 each time if you want to wait a little longer. So instead of waiting 1 arm swing for the Witch wand, Wait 4 or 7 arm swings and you should get it."

"Personal Preferance: I usually wait until about 6/7/8 arm swings as the Smithy in Malorie has that anoying chair in the room and sometimes I end up hitting the damn thing. So I'd wait a bit for the smithy to do his thing."

The best weapons of each class are marked in bold

Gale Lance3
Holy Lance2
Dragon Lance1
Counter Sword3
Sword of Shiva2
Mithril Claw3
Tiger Claw2
Berserk Claw1
Thor Hammer3
Saint Mace2
Revenge Mace1
Fool Wand3
Charm Wand2
Witch Wand1
Mist Rapier3
Shine Rapier2
Magic Rapier1
Luster Blade3
Rune Blade2
Photon Blade1
Druid Ankh3
Seraphic Ankh2
Silent Ankh1
Alchemy Rod3
Milky Rod2
Maze Rod1
Crash Anchor3
Grav Anchor2
Spin Anchor1
Magnum Shell3
Storm Shot2
Meteo Shot1
Demon Breaker Arrow3
Arrow of Dragonbone2
Arrow of the Moonlight1
Wind Cutter Katana3
Rumbling Sea Katana2
Bone Eater Katana1
Lancelot Spear3
Silver Spear2
Counter Spear1
Heat Axe3
Giant Axe2
Dragon Axe1
Assassin Knife3
Butterfly Knife2
Mithril Knife1
Sylph Wing3
Sonic Wing2
Cosmo Wing1
Mist Knuckle3
Giant Knuckle2
Wire Knuckle1
Muscle Glove3
Spark Glove2
Spike Glove1
Mithril Quarrel3
Sonic Quarrel2
Flame Quarrel1
Wind Demon Shuriken3
All Directions Shuriken2
Purple Thunder Manji1
Brave Halberd3
Lord Halberd2
Ark Halberd1