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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 2 -

This is a list of the boss-type enemies in Scenario 2 - those that have some significance to the storyline and plot developments.

Warning: These profiles may include spoilers.

Varlant is a general in the Republican army, and one that despises the Empire absolutely. After his defeat at the hands of Spiriel, Varlant lost his mind and was prepared to slaughter innocent refugees.
General Produn was positioned in Railhead during the peace conference but when war broke out he was ambushed by General Garzel and defeated. The remains of his army were attempting to escape on a boat in Anafect when they encountered Prince Medion's army. . .
Stella is part of Produn's army and girlfriend to Produn as well. Stella is very dedicated to Produn and values his safety above anything else which is why, when Medion almost destroyed their army, Stella removed Produn from the battle and took his place instead so that he would not be harmed.
Crewart, although being an Imperial general, has various ties with the Bulzome sect and was involved with Prince Arrawnt's plot. However, the Bulzome Sect were tricking him all along.
Dessheren was involved in the kidnapping of Gracia but was first defeated at the Elbesem Temple by the Rainbloods before being defeated twice by Medion's force, at Saraband and Storich.
Jade is part of the Headland army and, although his brother Garosh joined forces with Medion, he lead the Headland army outside Iro village against the Imperials.
Cyos, the Lord of Swampland, readied his army in the cave passage to his territories in order to stop Domaric and Medion's invasion of the Republic.
Dakka is the captain of Swampland's guards and was with Cyos and the Swampland army in the battle in the cave.
Mad Garvin
Garvin, upon David's infiltration of his war-machine, used the power given to him by the Bulzome cult to transform into a powerful monster.
Fynnding is the leader of the Synbios battalion's second division and after the victory at Aspia castle Synbios' reserves were sent to assist Tybalt at Aspia's southern gate.
Yasha is Domaric's personal ninja and assassin, however, he also assisted both Garvin and Tybalt in battles against Medion. . .
Tybalt was the former Lord of Barrand before it was taken by General Rogan, this event shattering him. Tybalt was guarding the southern gate to Aspia but his alliance with Yasha suggests that he wasn't as loyal as would seem. . .