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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 2 -
NPCs and Advisors

This is a list of the NPCs and advisors in Scenario 2. Some of these characters are bad guys but they are listed here instead of the enemies section as you don't fight them in scenario 2.

Warning: These profiles may include spoilers.

Grantack is the advisor for Medion's force all the way through scenario 2. He is a dragon-newt and used to be in competition with Bresby and Steel, two other tacticians of Destonia.
Arrawnt is the selfish and ambitious second prince of the Empire, and Prince Medion's older brother. He wants the throne of the Empire at any cost and allies himself with the Bulzome cult to get it, invading Aspia with General Garvin but is defeated by Synbios.
Mageron is the crown prince of the Destonian Empire and is thus the heir to Domaric's throne. Mageron is more stable than his brother, Arrawnt, and is treated considerably better than Medion.
Fidelity was appointed as an advisor for Prince Arrawnt and was well aware of the Prince's plans regarding the throne. However, Fidelity was really a spy for Domaric, reporting to him his son's activity.
A general in the Imperial army, Garzel lacks honour but has plentiful resources of sneakiness. He joins forces with Edmund - when he betrays Aspia - but doublecrosses the Republican general and sends him plummeting into Barrand rapids.
Spiriel is a strong-minded and effective Imperial General who successfully routs General Varlant of Aspia almost immediately as war breaks out.
Franz is a respected Imperial General who is engaged to Spiriel.
Bresby is Prince Mageron's advisor. He sails on Captain Domino's Flagship to inform Medion that the capital of Destonia is in danger upon Walcuray's awakening.
Shiraf is the leader of the Dusty Village bandits and in the chaos brought on by the collapse of the peace negotiations he dispatches his thieves around the continent to steal treasures un-noticed. The convenience of these happenings though, seem to suggest that Shiraf is involved somehow in the breakdown of the conference. He also has ties with Basanda of the Bulzome Sect.
Basanda is one of the four of Bulzome who is involved in the failure of the peace conference in Saraband. Later, she helps Dessheren and Fiale attempt to obtain the Besem Staff from the temple of Elbesem but is defeated by the Rainbloods.
Edmund's personal views on how Aspinia should be governed caused him to betray his country and join Garzel's army in the hopes of establishing a new country based on equality. Unfortunatly, Edmund was betrayed by Garzel and flung into Barrand rapids.
Medion's force meets Goriate at night-time in Stamp Village, his strange figure causing them to be suspicious of him. Goriate is from the Bulzome Sect and is looking for the descendant of the Innovators, Gracia.
Galm is the most powerful of all the Vandals, yet he is opposed to the Bulzome Sect's actions. Galm appears in Stamp village to offer advice to Medion's force, and to humiliate Dessheren.
Fiale is the real kidnapper of Emperor Domaric and leaves with him by sea right under Prince Medion's nose. After kidnapping Domaric, Fiale then pursues Gracia in order to get him to release the seal on the Besem Staff
The Rainbloods are Domaric's own personal army of executors. The Rainbloods are 6 strong and resemble the pieces of a chess set. They were drawn to Domaric and serve him because of his own malicious evil.
Gracia is a descendant of the Innovator Elbesem and is the leader of the Elbesem religion. Gracia is the only person who can lift the seal on the Besem Staff - the only weapon capable of defeating Bulzome - and because of this he is a target of the Bulzome Sect.
Rogan is the Imperial governor of Barrand after it was annexed from the Republic. Rogan's ship, the Seagate, is the strongest ship in the Imperial fleet with exception to the Executor.
Honesty is General Rogan's right-hand, who is very loyal to him and often acts as a scout for him. She and Rogan together defy the Emperor to help Medion.
Garvin comes from the village of Quonus which he sold to a Vandal in exchange for the ancient steam technology. From this knowledge, he brought trains into the world and the floating city of Saraband. However, Garvin's ambitions are even grander. . .
Domaric was kidnapped by the Bulzome Sect but manipulated them into this act so that a war would break out between Aspia and Destonia which would give him an excuse to invade Aspia. Domaric's cruelty knows no boundaries and, if necessary, extends to members of his own family.
Iria is Cyos' wife and Lady of Swampland. When Domaric invades Swampland Castle with Medion, her execution is order although Medion's protests allow it to be averted.
Jane is a mysterious woman who appears after the battle with Dessheren underneath Storich to take the wounded priestess away.