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Shining Force III Guide
Weapons Guide

This is a list of all the weapons available across the three scenarios of Shining Force III.

Because some weapons are only available in certain situations they have been colour coded. Weapons appearing with their names in black are available to buy in the shops, those with their names in orange are weapons that can be crafted from mithril (although some can also be found in the field and from haggling storekeepers, also the later shops in scenario 3 offer mithril weapons for purchasing), those with their names in purple can only be made by a smithy from Dark Matter, those with their names in blue are only available by making weapons out of the blue material, Orifalcon - in scenario 3 - and those with their names in red can only be found, and not bought (discounting haggles).

S Walch's Mithril Method
Forum-user and Shining Force III aficionado S Walch has let us post his Mithril Theory on this site. The idea is that you can judge which weapon the smithy will make for you based on timing his arm-swings in the shop. Sounds crazy, but check out S Walch's description and the juicy info:

S Walch's Mithril Method

The power value shown for each weapon in the list assumes that your weapon skill is zero, however, in addition to this boost to your power, a weapon also gives additional power increases when your weapon skill is at levels 1, 2 or 3. There are three different classes of weapons and they give different power bonus' at each weapon skill level. From the table below, you can find out how much additional power a weapon adds, in addition to its power value stated in the weapons list, at each weapon skill level.

Weapon Power Bonus'
ClassWeapon Skill Lv1Weapon Skill Lv2Weapon Skill Lv3

Additionally, some weapons give boosts to our magic power. Like with power, these weapons are divided into three classes (if the weapon has a magical class at all that is), and they boost your magic power by a different amount depending on your weapon skill and the weapon's magic class.

Weapon Magic Bonus'
ClassWeapon Skill Lv1Weapon Skill Lv2Weapon Skill Lv3

Since the list is very long, it has been split up over three pages to reduce the size of each page. The links to access the other pages are at the top right and bottom right of the weapons list.

Weapons GuidePage: Anchor-Halberd | Horn-Rod | Shell-Wing 
Horn (Weapon Class = Polearm)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Horn-10-AASkill) Change Virgo
Katana (Weapon Class = Sword)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Small Katana30016-CC-
Ninja Katana1600112-CC-
Fine Ninja Katana
Steel Ninjato
Wind Cutter Katana
Wind Cutter
9000122-ABSkill) Secret Sword - Kamataichi,
Use for magic) Hell Blast Lv2
Bone Eater Katana
Bone Eater
13000123-ABSkill) Secret Sword - Ghoul Centipede
Rumbling Sea Katana
Rumbling Sea
16000124DemonABSkill) Secret Sword - Marine Monster
Muramasa23000132-ABSkill) Yellow Spring Road, cursed
Masamune22000131-AASkill) Frost Blade
Murasame25000134-AAMagic) Gaki-Oh, cursed
Kusanagi27000137MagicAASkill) Annihilation, cursed
Knife (Weapon Class = Sword)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Bronze Knife501~23-C--
Steel Knife2501~27-C--
Hunter Knife10001~212-B--
Mithril Knife
Mithril Dirk
46001~212HolyABCritical +10
Butterfly Knife
Butter Knife
64001~214-ACAgility +3, Skill) Rainbow Edge
Assassin Knife
Killer Knife
70001~213-ACLuck +2, Skill) Silent Kill
Reaper Knife90001~219-AADark Resist +10, Skill) Bloodsucker
Knuckle (Weapon Class = None)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Razor Knuckle
15015-C-Critical +4
Brass Knuckle
Iron Cestus
110019-C-Critical +5
Hard Knuckle
Steel Cestus
5200114-B-Critical +5
Giant Knuckle
Giant Cestus
11000117MagicA-Critical +15, Defence +8
Mist Knuckle
Mist Cestus
12000118-ABCritical +4, Agility +6,
Skill) Buddha's Palm Mirage
Wire Knuckle
Wire Cestus
13000117-A-Critical +4, Counter +15,
Skill) Back Step Blinding Fist
Aura Knuckle15000126HolyAACritical +4, Ice resist +20, Wind resist +30, Skill) Yellow Dragon Wave
Lance (Weapon Class = Polearm)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Bronze Lance20017-C--
Steel Lance
Iron Lance
Heavy Lance4200116-C--
Chrome Lance
Steel Lance
Gale Lance
Nelson Lance
16000124-A-Agility +5, Use for magic) Support Lv2
Holy Lance19000126HolyACRegen: 3HP a turn
Dragon Lance24000127MagicA-Skill) Dragon Breath
Ultra Lance
26000127-ABSkill) Death Charge
Bozon Lance27000133-ABSkill) Mega Reap
Mace (Weapon Class = Axe)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Middle Mace
Heavy Mace
Battle Mace8400122-B--
Saint Mace
Saint's Mace
13000123HolyACRegen: 3HP a turn
Revenge Mace15000123-A-Counter +20
Thor Hammer
Power Hammer
21000125-ACCounter +5, Skill) Thunderstorm
Masculine Mace
Macho Maul
24000126MagicA-Defence +2, Skill) Pressure Bomb
Geo Hammer26000132-A-Skill) Geo Spark
Quarrel (Weapon Class = Arrow)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Light Quarrel
Light X-Bow
32029-C-Critical +4
Middle Quarrel
Heavy X-Bow
2500214-C-Critical +5
Heavy Quarrel
80002~320-B-Critical +5
Mithril Quarrel
Hunter X-Bow
130002~323HolyA-Critical +15
Flame Quarrel
Flame X-Bow
190002~324HolyA-Critical +5, Fire + Light resist +30,
Skill) Saint Flame
Sonic Quarrel
Sonic X-Bow
170002~324DemonA-Critical +5, Wind + Dark resist +30,
Skill) Hell's Wind
Doppler Quarrel230002~329HolyA-Light + Dark resist +20, Skill) Prism Ray
Rapier (Weapon Class = Sword)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Light Rapier
15016DemonCCAgility +2, Critical +4
Battle Rapier
1500112DemonCCAgility +3, Critical +5
Master Rapier
5000119DemonBCAgility +4, Critical +5, Counter +3
Mist Rapier
Magic Rapier
9000120DemonABAgility +8, Critical +5, Skill) Mist Feint
Magic Rapier
Mist Rapier
11000121DemonAAAgility +5, Critical +5, Regen: 2MP a turn, Skill) Rune Magic
Shine Rapier
Shiny Rapier
13000123DemonAAAgility +5, Critical +5, Regen: 3HP a turn, Skill) Alchemist
God Rapier22000127HolyAADark + Light resist + 20, Magic) Thanatos
Final Rapier16000128DemonAAAgility +5, Critical +5, Regen: 2MP a turn, Skill) Das Ende
Nebula Rapier19000130DemonAAAgility +5, Critical +5, Regen: 2HP a turn, Skill) Helical Spin
Ark Rapier29000144DemonAAAgility +5, Critical +5, Regen: 3MP a turn, Skill) Absolute Zero
Rod (Weapon Class = Magic)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Timber Rod
Wooden Rod
Bronze Rod36019-CBMagic) Anti-spell
Talisman Rod2600116-BAMagic) Freeze
Rod of the Earth6000115DemonBADefence +3, Magic) Golem
Maze Rod
Torture Rod
9000118-AASkill) Nine Gate, Magic) Confuse
Milky Rod
Sleepy Rod
13000117-AARegen: 2MP a turn, Skill) Meta Dream,
Magic) Sleep
Alchemy Rod
Soul Rod
19000117-AAAgility +4, Regen: 3HP a turn,
Skill) Change Gold, Magic) Soul Steal
Dragon Rod20000118HolyAADefence +7, Fire resist +40,
Magic) Hell Dragon
Crystal Rod
Tiamat Rod
23000118-AADefence +5, Movement +1, Luck +2, Magic) Tiamat
Demon Rod24000123-AASkill) Demon Breath, cursed
Rod of Will25000122-AADefence +6, Skill) Lured Heaven,
Magic) Blaze
Weapons GuidePage: Anchor-Halberd | Horn-Rod | Shell-Wing