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Shining Force III Guide
Weapons Guide

This is a list of all the weapons available across the three scenarios of Shining Force III.

Because some weapons are only available in certain situations they have been colour coded. Weapons appearing with their names in black are available to buy in the shops, those with their names in orange are weapons that can be crafted from mithril (although some can also be found in the field and from haggling storekeepers, also the later shops in scenario 3 offer mithril weapons for purchasing), those with their names in purple can only be made by a smithy from Dark Matter, those with their names in blue are only available by making weapons out of the blue material, Orifalcon - in scenario 3 - and those with their names in red can only be found, and not bought (discounting haggles).

S Walch's Mithril Method
Forum-user and Shining Force III aficionado S Walch has let us post his Mithril Theory on this site. The idea is that you can judge which weapon the smithy will make for you based on timing his arm-swings in the shop. Sounds crazy, but check out S Walch's description and the juicy info:

S Walch's Mithril Method

The power value shown for each weapon in the list assumes that your weapon skill is zero, however, in addition to this boost to your power, a weapon also gives additional power increases when your weapon skill is at levels 1, 2 or 3. There are three different classes of weapons and they give different power bonus' at each weapon skill level. From the table below, you can find out how much additional power a weapon adds, in addition to its power value stated in the weapons list, at each weapon skill level.

Weapon Power Bonus'
ClassWeapon Skill Lv1Weapon Skill Lv2Weapon Skill Lv3

Additionally, some weapons give boosts to our magic power. Like with power, these weapons are divided into three classes (if the weapon has a magical class at all that is), and they boost your magic power by a different amount depending on your weapon skill and the weapon's magic class.

Weapon Magic Bonus'
ClassWeapon Skill Lv1Weapon Skill Lv2Weapon Skill Lv3

Since the list is very long, it has been split up over three pages to reduce the size of each page. The links to access the other pages are at the top right and bottom right of the weapons list.

Weapons GuidePage: Anchor-Halberd | Horn-Rod | Shell-Wing 
Shell (Weapon Class = Arrow)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Assault Shell
Long Bow
Great Shell
Heavy Long Bow
Buster Shot
Elven Bow
Magnum Shell
Magnum Bow
150002~324MagicB-Critical +10
Storm Shot
Storm Bow
180002~323-B-Agility +3, Skill) Desert Storm
Meteo Shot
Meteor Bow
240002~325MagicB-Skill) Planet Dance
Hot Rod Shell260002~329MagicA-Skill) Muzzle Blast
Shuriken (Weapon Class = Arrow)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Cross Shuriken30024-CC-
Manji Shuriken120028-CC-
Triple Shuriken
Purple Thunder Manji
Deadly Star
70002~315-ABLightning resist +30, Skill) Thunder Array
All Directions Shuriken
Octagon Star
90002~316-ABSkill) Utter Chaos
Wind Demon Shuriken
Wind Star
130002~318-ABSkill) Wind Demon Shuriken
Dark Demon Shuriken150002~327-AADark resist +30,
Skill) Dark Demon Shuriken
Spear (Weapon Class = Polearm)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Power Spear18001~212-C--
Battle Spear58001~218-B--
Silver Spear90001~219HolyACCritical +10
Counter Spear120001~218-A-Counter +20
Lancelot Spear
Rune Spear
160001~219-ACLight resist +25, Skill) Light Geyser
Mercurius Spear180001~226-AAFire resist +20, Agility +3,
Skill) Salamander Throw
Staff (Weapon Class = Holy)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Besem Staff-111VandalBALight + Dark resist +30, Magic) Shining
Besem Staff-123VandalAALight + Dark resist +30, Magic) Blessing
Sword (Weapon Class = Sword)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Steel Sword20015-C--
Broad Sword75019-C--
Bastard Sword3800114-C--
Great Sword10000123-B--
Counter Sword12000123-ACCounter +20
Sword of Shiva
Shiva Sword
16000125-ABLightning resist +30, Skill) Thundershock
18000125-ACFire resist +30, Skill) Heatwave
Element Sword
Phoenix Sword
20000125DemonAAFire + Lightning + Wind resist +30,
Magic) Phoenix
Justice Sword21000126HolyAALight + Dark resist +20, Skill) Shine Edge
Darkside Sword
Dark Sword
24000131-ABLight resist +20, cursed, Skill) Soul Eater
Sword of Lord26000132-AAIce resist +20, Skill) Gold Rush
Shining Sword31000144HolyAALight + Dark resist +30,
Skill) Mirage Round
Talon (Weapon Class = Magic)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Hooked Claw-10-A--
Hooked Claw-10-A-Skill) Thunder Breath
Tomahawk (Weapon Class = Axe)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Hand Axe
Power Tomahawk
Iron Hand Axe
Battle Tomahawk45001~216-B--
Rune Tomahawk
Accurate Axe
70001~217DemonACCritical +10
Killer Tomahawk
Super Axe
88001~217-A-Skill) Fatal Strike
Sky Tomahawk
Arrow Axe
Flame Tomahawk110001~224-A-Fire resist +20, Heat Cyclone
Wand (Weapon Class = Demon)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Small Wand8015-CC-
Magic Wand900110-CBMagic) Sleep
Anger Wand
Angel Wand
3200117-BAMagic) Blaze
Fool Wand
Jester Wand
11000118-AASkill) Fetamorgana, Magic) Slow
Charm Wand
Jewel Wand
15000117-AASkill) Lyanan Shii
Witch Wand16000119-AALuck +2, Magic) Attack
Volcanon Wand
Volcano Wand
15000119-AAFire resist +30, Magic) Phoenix
Wand of Kadas
Wendigo Wand
20000118-AADefence +8, Magic) Wendigo
Earth Wand24000118-AALightning resist +40, Magic) Thor
Abyss Wand22000119-AADefence +3, Ice resist +40,
Magic) Proserpina
Eternal Wand18000120-AADefence +4, Regen: 2MP a turn,
Skill) Takion Shoot, Magic) Spark
Whip (Weapon Class = Magic)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Chain Whip7000117-B--
Love Whip9000117-A-Regen: 2HP a turn, Use for) Special attack *
Double-headed Whip12000118-A-Skill) Balloon Bomb
Queen Whip13000120-A-Skill) Slave Dance
Silk Whip15000127DemonA-Skill) Beast Bash
* Using the Love Whip (on an ally) will target the ally for a few points of damage, but cast attack and support on them.
Wing (Weapon Class = Sword)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Metal Wing40015-C-Defence +2, Counter +4
Silver Wing3000111HolyC-Defence 3, Counter +5
Battle Wing10000118-B-Defence +4, Counter +5
Sylph Wing
Silk Wing
13000122-A-Defence +4, Counter +5, Regen: 3HP a turn
Sonic Wing15000121-A-Defence +4, Counter +5, Agility +2,
Skill) Hyper Boom
Cosmo Wing
Cosmic Wing
16000121-A-Defence +4, Counter +5, Skill) Hell Dive
Zero Wing17000122-A-Defence +4, Counter +5, Skill) Count Zero
Full Metal Wing18000128-A-Defence +6, Counter +5, Dark resist +20, Skill) Metal Jacket
Weapons GuidePage: Anchor-Halberd | Horn-Rod | Shell-Wing